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duffy’s tavern – musical charis, orion walsh, bolzen beer band

I ran into Musical Charis off of main street in Houston, TX. Oddly enough I was visiting my hometown + grandparents during spring break this year. While strolling down the street my friend and I were constantly being called to come into and listen to the set. We finally gave in, and were beyond pleased. Turned out that one of the artist they were touring with, Orion Walsh, is one of Lincoln’s own sons.
Well we had to stay then.
It was a crazy St. Patrick’s day show, euipped with drunk middle-aged women. Turned out the main singer got a black eye from a flying mic projected by the khaki-clad shamrock bearing 70-something. Good times. Found out they were having a show in Lincoln one month later. Needless to say. I had to go.
I figured I’d return the favor of a delightful earful x 2 with a hopefully equally awesome eyeful in photos.
Three bands played for Orion Walsh’s Ep release of First by Water, Then By Fire. Musical Charis (minus a few members that I saw in Houston), Orion Walsh, and Lincoln’s hee-larious Bolzen Beer Band.

Overall, it was a super fun time. Hear Nebraska, a local music awareness organization, always puts on the best shows. Be sure to check out photographer Shannon Claire’s cover of the show at HN here as well.

Making connections in one place and continuing them in another was a cool experience. One I hope to keep a trend going from here on out.


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