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The Society for Photographic Education holds conferences all over the continental U.S. with seminars and events to promote photography education in the fine arts. As a part of the University of Nebraska Lincoln Fine Art Photo Club, with four other students, I road tripped it over to their Midwest Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio.

As someone fairly new to the fine art world, the sheer exposure to different styles, methodology and photographical art history was worth the whole trip. But to be honest, while seeing another city is one of my passions and attending a monumental event, the best part was the group I went with and the meshing of personalities on the road.

Twelve-hours both ways from Lincoln + three days in the city, we spent more than our share of quality time together, but it never got old. In college, sadly, I have felt pretty hungered for genuine talks about my field. Honest pasts, desires, thoughts in each members journey to where they are as an artist enveloped in a plethora of laughs-that the subjects of our time together.

For the first time since joining college, I felt that with my peers that I was able to be honest with my own ideas while the feeling was respected and responded to. Each individual persons worth is something I wish was more apparent in society. Confirming that in what they have to say, what is important to them and how that has shaped who they are today, was a genuine magic that I want to cultivate-not only in my life but in those I collaborate with.

While enjoying the spirits of those who I was with and of the speakers was I blessed to hear talk at the conference itself, I snapped a few pictures along the way. All with my iPhone, as it was the handiest of them all. So because I love you all so much, I’d like to clue you into the sights I saw along the way during this enriching time with my fellow art colleagues.

Shot with iPhone 4s camera
Digital Files processed with VSCO film


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