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engaged: nicole + jason (surprise session) [lincoln, ne]

I am tickled pink and other shades of various colours to present you with one of my very best friend and his lady love! Jason + Nicole! These two met at a Thrice concert, well really outside the Bourbon last June. The fun part about it is before J went to the concert I kiddingly told him that he was going to meet his future wife there. I remember him looking at me all serious like, “don’t say stuff like that…” BAM! Britni Juju! ALL UP ON! Guess who is engaged? THESE TWO!! I called that…yes…yes I did.

Also, my other favorite part was that she asked a mutual friend, “who is the hot beard?” when she first laid peepers on  Jason. End of story? He kept that beard, for a year. For her. That is love y’all. Hairy. Wonderful. Pure love.

I was blessed with being able to help with a lot of fun details of the engagement day, but the best one was his asking me to on the day of the engagement to shoot for them in front of the place they met. He was actually going to propose during the shoot, but the son of a gun was so excited he asked her earlier in the day. (In the middle of a dance in a very special magical place. Remember Elycia‘s forested area? The Hobbit Hole. Thanks again Wyn for the tip <3 It just keeps on getting love) So we did a mini mini engagement shoot after she said YES!

I can’t wait till these two’s wedding. Thanks for having me be a part  of your beautiful day! All the love and prayers from this day on and forward~!


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