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lovebirds: shadlee + ryan

And sealed with a…

“We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.” – Marilyn Monroe

The words of a legendary femme fatale, and I couldn’t agree more.

Part of BRC’s vision is to do just that: To let the stars shine through the lens, encouraging them to feel how the warmth spreads to their own hearts in confidence, to see it spread to others in love, and cultivating a creative spirit over us.

And my dears, Shadlee is one bright star.

When Shadlee + Ryan contacted me, I was elated, because couple shoots are my favorite! The pair has been married for three years after meeting on Shadlee is actually an amateur lifestyle photographer (check out her work on her website and Facebook), so a lovebird shoot was just perfect for a present to each other. It’s a time away from all the bustle of engagement after the wedding, and a time for two lovebirds to “nest” and just simply enjoy each other again after kicking everything off at a running start.

Both S + R were nervous since their past photo experiences were a bit rough, but they both desired to capture their love, and I was more than ready to supply a new adventure. I am beyond proud to report that indeed, an adventure it was! I have rarely seen a couple get so comfortable with someone they barely know. Through nurtured trust, Ryan’s deep love for Shadlee, and her decision to enjoy and love herself, this collection of moments was created and captured. It speaks volumes about them, so honestly nothing of my doing, except being myself and encouraging them to do the same. Plus, our outfits we picked out together were killer! That beautiful birdcage hat? That is her mother’s, and the gloves from Shadlee’s wedding day. Personal touches with the fiery sass of Miss Shad.

I have had so many wonderful and mutual encouraging conversations with Shadlee during our time working together. Clients-turned-friends creating with each other, and encouraging each other in everyday life, is what I live for in what I do. From the tip of my feathers and back, thank you for trusting me, creating and letting me encourage y’all in your continuing love story. Shadlee and Ryan, you are truly truly twinkly.


Shadlee’s Victory Rolls and positively pin up hair style by the talented, and one of BRC’s favorite brides, Sarah Root.

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